Mail In Service Repairs

Mail in Service Phone Repair

Mail in Steps:

  • Fill out the repair form and provide as much detail as you can in relation to your problem.
  • Turn your device OFF before posting.
  • Ensure your device is securely packaged, fully protected and postage insured.
  • When we receive your device we will call you to confirm the cost of repair.
  • If we are unable to help you with your repair the only charge will be postage.
  • If we find more work needs to be done we will call you for confirmation and charges before doing any additional work.
  • When your device is repaired and tested we will call you for payment.
  • We accept all major Credit Cards and bank transfer.
  • When you receive your device please check that everything is working OK.
  • If you find any problem or have any concerns please call us ASAP and we will fix the problem.
  • You need to tell us if your phone has been water damaged. Please note that your phone has a water sensor inside.
  • Call us before sending your device in if you want to confirm we have the parts available. If parts are not available there may be a delay. We will call you if this is the case and offer you some alternatives. We will let you decide if you want to wait or book it in at a later date.
  • Courier charges apply and are approximately $11 each way.



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