iPad 4 Repairs



iPad Gen MODEL # A1458 WiFi and A1459 WiFi/Cellular
Premium Glass+Touch Screen (Digitizer) Replacement
Premium LCD Replacement
Home Button
Volume Switches
Headset Connector Replacement
Dock Connector Replacement
Microphone Replacement
Water Damage Repair
Electric Filing of Aluminium Corners
  • iProfessionals only use PREMIUM iPad replacement parts. These are the highest quality parts.
  • Ipad 4 repair time approximately 90 minutes.
  • Back up your device before repair.
  • For a combination of the above repairs we will provide a quote.

Who is the right repairer for You?


At iProfessionals we strive to be Australia’s highest quality mobile phone and iPad repair service with friendly repairs by people who care about your device.

We understand that there are cheaper repairers out there and that’s fine by us. To serve you best though we don’t want to be one of them.

We get up early each morning to bring you the highest quality repairs at a world class standard.

Let’s use iPad repairs as an example. It’s NOT POSSIBLE to do a quality iPad repair in 30 minutes.

Repairers doing this:

  • don’t remove the old adhesive properly.
  • don’t electronically file or move damaged corners.
  • Don’t replace the bezel if needed.
  • Risk marking the LCD while removing the damaged screen.
  • Damage other components such as the WiFi antenna or power button cables.
  • Don’t replace components such as the camera bracket.
  • Don’t use quality adhesive.
  • Use the cheapest replacement screens they can find.
  • Don’t place the adhesive the best way so the new screen lifts off the frame.

The issues that we see regularly from other repairers is the glass lifting off, the WiFi damaged, the use of poor quality screens, damage to the LCD done during repair, parts of the digitiser not working, the home button not properly connected and is falling out of the screen. We see repairs where the glass is not sitting flat due to no care being taken to move the frame back into the correct shape allowing the glass to sit flat. We have seen some repairs that need to be seen to be believed!

The old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies to iPad repairs.


The iProfessionals Difference – friendly repairs…by people who care.


  • We take upwards of 2 hours on every iPad 4 repair and do the highest quality repair possible.
  • We remove all the old adhesive.
  • We electronically file or move any damaged corners (this is an extra charge if applicable).
  • We replace the bezel free of charge if needed.
  • We take expert care to ensure the LCD does not get marked.
  • We clean the LCD if it has marks resulting from the screen damage.
  • We replace any components damaged during the screen replacement process. This includes the WiFi antenna, the Power and volume buttons.
  • We ensure the camera bracket is replaced and positioned correctly.
  • We make sure the home button is secured to the glass.
  • We use an amazing adhesive that secures the new glass firmly to the frame.
  • We position and apply the adhesive in the most effective way.
  • We use original parts where available otherwise we use premium quality parts that are the best available – we never use the cheapest parts.
  • If there is any issue with the screen after repair we look after you. Repairs come with a  6 month warranty but we help long after that.
  • We have the happiest customers!


iProfessionals is the most respected repairer for a reason – we truly care for your iPad and take pride in doing the highest quality repairs. We constantly go ‘the extra mile’ and do whatever we can to please our customers.

Bring it in – we can help you today!

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