New iPhone Do’s and Dont’s – 5 Tips for keeping your new phone perfect.

iPhone – Do’s and Don’ts – surviving the second week!

Hi Guys, massive launch for the new iPhone. Here’s a wrap up of the first week and some tips for surviving week 2!

Tip 1:
Don’t keep it in your back pocket if you’re wearing tight jeans or sitting on a hard chair. As many people found out this week the phone (especially the 6 Plus) can be bent. We have seen many iPhone 5 and 5S that come into the store looking like a banana. The iPhone 6 may need even more love and care.
One solution is to keep the phone in a good quality case. Preferably one that is SOFT on the inside, to prevent against a fall, and HARD on the outside to avoid turning into a banana.

Tip 2:
Don’t try and charge it in your microwave! There is a hoax going around that the phone battery can be charged by microwaves by placing it in your microwave oven for 90 seconds. Please don’t do this!

Tip 3:
Be careful around water, as more and more phones are sporting water resistance it can be easy to think your phone will be safe. Most of these though are not completely sealed and will still allow water to enter the phone causing all sorts of problems.

Tip 3:
All iPhone screens are susceptible to normal breakage from a fall. The best form of protection for the glass is to install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector over the glass.

Tip 4:
Keep your phone backed up regularly. By the time your phone gets dropped/wet/stolen it’s too late. Do it now by baking up to either the iCloud or by saving it onto your computer.

Tip 5:
iOS 13 is out and has some great features. Back up your phone and then download the software. If you have multiple iPhones and iPads download it to your computer first and then update each device. Gives you a great opportunity to back up each device as your doing it.

I’ve got to hand it to Apple – they sure know how to throw a party and get their fans excited. The phone looks great and is selling like hot-cakes.

If you have any questions or need any help – get in touch.

All the best and ‘till next time – keep talking!


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One Response to New iPhone Do’s and Dont’s – 5 Tips for keeping your new phone perfect.

  1. Rhonda Bloom-Ford says:

    Thanks guys for being so helpful over the phone and in person … your customer service is spot on and I can’t fault any of you. I’ll definitely recommend your business to anyone should I be asked if I know where to take their phone because they’ve damaged it … in fact when I came home the first thing I said to my hubby was if he ever needs any help with his phone to get down pronto to your shop.

    Thanks again for your assistance and quality workmanship.

    Cheers! Rhonda Bloom-Ford


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